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NTA is a primary resource and advocate for our members through our association affiliations, products, and membership benefits. We promote and develop general business interests and professional practices within the trucking industry.

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Our goal is to strengthen your business by keeping you informed and equipped with the only the best information and services. Some of which include benefits owner operators and small fleets, member insurance benefits, and much more!

We are in this together. NTA is here to connect you to vendors where you can find discounts, potential jobs, and partnerships that can help your business take off.

NTA offers products and member benefits to strengthen your business. From Transportation updates to Member Insurance Services, NTA is dedicated to making sure you are well informed of every option to strengthen your business. Go to Member Benefits now to find out more.

Frequently Asked questions

NTA pulls small businesses together so they can have the same advantages as the bigger companies with large group influence and purchasing power. Read more about OwnerOp/Ind. Contractors joining NTA
Time is money. We have a list Member Benefits that can save you time and money on the road.

Read more about our Insurance Services to find out the details on what is available.

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