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Survey Results Highlight Long-Haul Truck Driver Safety Issues

More than 1 in 3 long-haul truck drivers (LHTDs) had at least one truck crash at work during their career, according to results made available from the 2010 national survey of LHTDs conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and referenced in a past Safety Issues post.

Drivers reported the following about their work environment, driving behaviors, and injury reporting patterns: 

  • 73% perceived their delivery deadlines as unrealistically tight
  • 24% often continued to drive despite fatigue, bad weather, or heavy traffic because they had to deliver or pick up a load at a given time
  • 14% sometimes or never wore a seatbelt
  • 38% said they received inadequate training at the beginning of their careers
  • 68% of non-crash injuries involving days away from work in company drivers were not reported to employers

These findings are important as they highlight opportunities for employers to promote driver safety and prevention of motor vehicle crashes. 

Employers should consider incorporating the following safety recommendations in their motor vehicle safety programs:

  • Ensure that drivers do not need to violate hours-of-service rules to make on-time deliveries
  • Educate drivers on seatbelt use, cargo securement and weight limits, safe driving, and ways to avoid drowsy or distracted driving
  • Ensure that entry-level truck driver training meets current needs


For more information, visit the NIOSH resource page about LHTDs and

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